Monday, April 14, 2008

Statement on violent incidents in Al-Mahala Al-kobra

We are the General strike of the people of Egypt on 6th of April group which was created on face book With the link
Which consists of more than 70000 members which combines all the people that are convinced of expressing with all possible legitimate and peaceful protesting means.

We declare our full Rejecting for any incidents of violence in the country recently and our renunciation of violence in all its forms and images and we strongly condemn the violence incidents which happened in Al-Mahala Al-kobra on the 6th and 7th of April 2008

We demand to punish who caused to push the angry crowd to use violence and We emphasize that violence is not a legitimate means of the expression of opinion. We do believe that there are many peaceful and Legitimate ways that any citizen have the right to use to express his opinion or his anger, means we advocated such as sitting at home and province purchasing any product, and wearing black colors, Lifting the Egyptian flag in balconies, strike from work for those who won’t harm the interests of vital government work state Or peaceful demonstration.

We do strongly condemn the excessive use of force by Egyptian Security to suppress the the demonstrators in the city of Mahala which was the beginning of natal spark violence in some demonstrators. Which led to confrontations in no way is in the best interest of any Egyptian.

We also wish to emphasize the legitimacy of our demands which aims to the benefit of ordinary Egyptian citizen

1- The call for minimum wages for all levels and all kind of work that ties the wages with the continuing increase in prices as all of the other countries who suffers from the increase in prices do.

2- Real action to stop high prices and antitrust.

3- We also demand the immediate release all detainees on background events of 6th of April 2008 according to the law of Acts of the constitution and international covenants on human rights Which guarantees the right to peaceful demonstration and the freedom of opinion and expression

General strike of the people of Egypt on 6th of April group