Monday, April 14, 2008

4 May Strike without violence

We succeeded in delivering our message, we succeeded in expressing our opinions and delivery voted for decision makers.
More than 40% of the Egyptians joined us, had it not been for the fear and the subjugation it would have been possible that all the Egyptians joined us. This is a successful start .
We are not a political party and we do not seek ruling the country we are the biggest loyal gathering on the internet.
Our next strike is on Sunday the 4th of may we will give the government a chance till our next strike for the implementation of our specified and legitimate claims

1- the minimum wages for all levels and all kind of work and ties the wages with the increase in prices as all of the other countries who suffers from the increase in prices do

2- real measures to stop the increase in prices and preventing the monopoly.

3- termination and cancellation of Emergency Law Terrorism Act

4- Release all detainees

5- Stop exporting gas and cement and iron for Israel and not selling land to Israel.

Our demands are specific and government can implement if the government abandoned on personal interests of businessmen who are close to power.
Implementing our demands valley if decision makers in Egypt can be carried out the words of our scientists and researchers and thinkers

1- Unanimity to the comment flag in Egypt Balconies and black flags and any plates or placards contain our simple
2- Unanimity to wear black clothing
3- Been unanimously agreed to strike and not to buy any goods for 3 days,
especially meat
4- Everybody must start working hard since this day until the day of the next strike to deploy all those ideas between the Egyptian people and they are our companions, our families, our relatives and colleagues at work using every legitimate means of invitations explicit general or individual or send messages or portable telephone.or Email, forums and blogs, advertising sites, journals, newspapers, magazines. And also hang banners and wear T shirts that bears the call of the strike From now until the day of strike and the university students should publish all such ideas between friends and colleagues and publishing an attempt by all peaceful means.
5- Due to the Discussions according to the members of group and also outside the group April 6 is the beginning but not the end and that May the 4th is the second step We will continue on striking and protesting by all means after the 4th of May So we can disseminate the idea to the largest number of people and compel the government and decision makers in Egypt on the Obedience to the desire of people
6- Do not forget to call for the release of the detainees